Research papers (since 2010) - Google scholar link

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Reviews and book chapters (since 2010)
  • David Shechter. 2014. “Seeing Beyond the Double Helix.” Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus. Vol. 51, No. 5.
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  • Benjamin Lorton and David Shechter. 2019. “Cellular Consequences of Arginine Methylation” Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 76, 2933–2956 (2019).
Current preprints (prior preprints are listed in published papers)

  • Stephanie M. Lehman, Hongshan Chen, Emmanuel S. Burgos, Maxim Maron, Sitaram Gayatri, Edward Nieves, Dina L. Bai, Simone Sidoli, Varun Gupta, Matthew R. Marunde, James R. Bone, Zu-Wen Sun, Mark T. Bedford, Jeffrey Shabanowitz, Donald F. Hunt, David Shechter 2020. “Transcriptomic and proteomic regulation through abundant, dynamic, and independent arginine methylation by Type I and Type II PRMTs”. bioRxiv doi: