Laboratory equipment
  • AKTA Pure 25M FPLC with Frac 9C, 3 wavelength detector, sample pump
  • AKTA Purifier 10 FPLC, 3 wavelength detector
  • Waters 2695 Alliance HPLC with autosampler and diode array detector
  • Very broad selection of columns
Binding studies
  • Reichert 2SPR surface plasmon resonance instrument
  • Malvern PEAQ-ITC isothermal calorimetry (available in Biochemistry Department)
  • Octet BLI biolayer interferometry (available in Biochemistry Department)
Tissue Culture
  • Dedicated room with biosafety cabinet, incubators, liquid nitrogen storage
  • Microscopes
  • Cellometer Spectrum imaging cytometer
Xenopus laevis (frog) equipment
  • 200 frog capacity flow-through housing system
  • Dedicated "frog room" in the main lab with cooling
  • PLI-100A microinjector and micromanipulator
Other significant equipment
  • GE LAS-4000 chemiluminescence and UV/blue light fluorescence digital detection system
  • Nanodrop 2000C spectrophotometer
  • Roche Lightcycler 480 real-time PCR machine
  • Three PCR machines, with gradient capabilities, freezers
Core Facilities and Einstein resources
Computational resources
  • Linux (CentOS 7) machine ("drdisorder") with two 10-core (20-thread each, 40-threads overall) Intel Xeon E5-2630 processors, 128GB RAM, 12TB RAID 10, two GTX1080 GPU processors for molecular dynamics simulations (Amber licensee)
  • Synology hybrid RAID (currently 36TB redundant storage)
  • Lab slack for communication
  • Site licenses to commonly used software (Office 365, Adobe Creative Suite, Graphpad Prism, and many others) and InSync backups
  • Routine access to high performance computing (HPC) on the Einstein cluster, with massive storage available on data.einstein

Bioinformatics, datasets, clones

Data from Chen et al (2017):

Data from Lehman et al (PREPRINT, 2020) (Chorus Project 1671).

Shechter lab clones are available upon request (in the future on Addgene)

You can obtain the TM0936 SAH Deaminase plasmid clone for our EZ-MTase asay (Burgos et al 2017) from DNASU:

Recombinant proteins will be shared with collaborators

Current Collaborators
Donald F. Hunt, PhD  University of Virginia (Mass Spectrometry) - link
Steven Almo, PhD  Einstein (structural biology)
David Cowburn, PhD  Einstein (NMR)
Matthew Gamble, PhD  Einstein (splicing kinetics)
Charles Query, MD, PHD  Einstein (RNA splicing)
Kira Gritsman, MD, PhD Einstein (AML cancer biology)
Epicypher - link
Arpeggio Biosciences - link
Albert Einstein Cancer Center

Writing and figure preparation resources